True & Co

True&Co came to SourcePad with a vision: To build an ecommerce site and a "True Fit" algorithm, to help women find their perfect bra. True&co is a new kind of intimate apparel brand based on one simple ideal, for all women to feel comfortable in their own skin. They are the first company to fit women into their favorite bra with a fit quiz and to recognize that there’s so much more to fit than your band and cup size.

True&Co was not your normal ecommerce site. Their whole focus was on their True Fit algorithm and getting users through the True Fit quiz easily so that users were surprised and delighted by both the suggestions and the fit of the bras once they arrived through the mail. The True&Co site and True Fit quiz had to feel impressive, fast and fun to navigate.


SourcePad worked with True&Co to create a whole site experience that felt more inviting than a traditional ecommerce site.

How we did it

A focus on getting users to the True Fit quiz fast and measuring dropoffs, while optimizing page loading through javascript and making the quiz fun to continue with animations and drawings to keep the user interested. The algorithm also had to have scalability, so that as more data came in, we could optimize. RESPONSIVE.


True&co launched to great success. We set up Amazon Servers in the cloud and built Auto-scaling since True&co focused much of their marketing on Public Relations and Press. We had to make sure the servers to could handle many continuous users without going down when they got press, which they did (Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, X, Y, etc.))


Raised $12 million, One founder went onto YCombinator, Acquired by Calvin Klein owner PVH

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