iOS & Android development

Xcode. Swift. Objective-C.
if let bestPlayer = players.highestScoringPlayer() { recordHolder = """ The record holder is \(,\ with a high score of \(bestPlayer.highScore)! """} else { recordHolder = "No games have been played yet.")}print(recordHolder)// The record holder is Erin, with a high score of 271!let highestScore = players.highestScoringPlayer()?.highScore ?? 0// highestScore == 271

starting with iOS

We build in Apple’s programing language, Swift, making it dramatically easier to release your apps.
Because the Swift runtime is now built into iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, your app no longer needs to bundle this library for these latest OS releases. Users who download an app built with Swift from the App Store will get a smaller app and a faster download.


Our team of expert Android developers build apps using native Java, following the best mobile development practices to deliver sharp, powerful apps across the array of all Android devices.
Past projects include AI-powered athlete analytics, a behavioral observation application, and offline data synchronization.

test-driven development

Test-driven development ensures only high quality code is being approved and leads to smoother building and maintaining in the future. Our QA team writes small unit tests to aid in tracking down errors and keeping debugging efforts to a minimum.

We use Circle CI, XCTest, Appium and TestFlight for testing.

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