web development

Ruby on Rails. React. AngularJS. NodeJS. Python.
Person.pluck(:name)# SELECT people.name FROM people# => [‘David’, ‘Jeremy’, ‘Jose’]Person.pluck(:id, :name)# SELECT people.id, people.name FROM people# => [[1, ‘David’], [2, ‘Jeremy’], [3, ‘Jose’]]Person.distinct.pluck(:role)# SELECT DISTINCT role FROM people# => [‘admin’, ‘member’, ‘guest’]Person.where(age: 21).limit(5).pluck(:id)# SELECT people.id FROM people

best of breed

We use best of breed technologies like Ruby on Rails, Angular, React and Python.
Ruby on Rails is considered one of the quickest and easiest languages to build complex features, allowing for cross collaboration and time saving, and is used by such sites as Airbnb, Hulu and Etsy.

unit testing

Unit testing ensures quick debugging and high quality code. By writing tests for each new feature, our QA team is able to track down errors quickly and effectively. We use a combination of automated, self-documenting, and manual testing to deliver the best possible finished product.

We use Circle CI, Code Climate, Protractor, CodeceptJS and Selenium.

other services