A Day in the Life of a
SourcePad UI UX Designer

May 20, 2020 3:01 PM EST

Professional experience

'I’m a UI UX Designer and Senior QA Engineer. I have over nine years of experience, designing interfaces and overall user experience. Having a software testing background gives me a deeper understanding of the overall product development process, starting from design up to user testing. I have experiences in the areas of User Research, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Prototyping and Usability Testing. My portfolio showcases a variety of my work from simple landing pages to music streaming platforms.'

What I do at SourcePad

“As a UI UX designer, I’m responsible for gathering, researching and evaluating user and product requirements in collaboration with stakeholders, project managers and developers. I illustrate design ideas and information architecture using process flows and site maps. I create and design lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes leading to the creation of interactive prototypes that will ultimately be the basis of how the app functions and what it will look like.”

Favorite book:

'This may probably sound childish or a cliché but I’m really a fan of Harry Potter, reading it while growing up made it part of my childhood. Even seeing old Harry Potter merchandise gives me nostalgia. I also like books by Dan Brown and Gillian Flynn. As for non-fiction, I’m currently reading books by Mark Manson and it’s making me see life in a different view. Hoping to finish it during this quarantine period.”

Favorite blog:

'I like reading from UX Planet and UX Collective on Medium. They have great content for designers. They’re up-to-date with the latest UX trends and are a good resource for research on how to handle some complex features. Also, not sure if this is considered a blog but if you’re looking for design inspiration, Dribbble is a great resource. It features tons of designs for almost any platform and would really get your creative juices flowing.'

Design tools I use:

'I’m a fan of  Adobe  so I’m using most of their products. I’m using Adobe XD for creating flows, wireframes and prototypes. I use Photoshop when doing some image editing and Illustrator for the icons. They have these regular updates which include amazing features, specially for XD. They continually build things that will make designers loyal to the app. I even joined their Discord community and have had some interactions with one of their XD evangelists and other designers all over the world.”

Interesting project I’ve worked on:

“I’ve worked on a lot of cool projects in the past but the most interesting probably is the music streaming app I designed about a year ago. It’s interesting for me because it’s a first and I got excited with the visuals. I was able to design song timelines, animate players, embed songs in the prototype and play around with album covers and music lists. It was a really cool project and I’m looking forward to seeing it go live in the future.”

Fun fact about me:

'I love to sing while working (at home). I don’t have a great voice but it gives me energy when I try to belt out the last part of “Defying Gravity” while adding a new button for a screen. The last project I did could probably be dedicated to Michael Jackson as I was singing “The Way You Make Me Feel” on repeat the whole time.'

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Gene Michelle Andrade
UI UX Designer at SourcePad
Gene has been a UI UX designer and QA Engineer at SourcePad since 2014. She has been involved in numerous web and mobile applications, from doing design work to testing the end product.